Best & Popular Educational Apps (Android & IPhone) in India

To learn something is hardly ever enjoyable: it’s even less fun when being taught within the restrictions of a classroom or a lecture hall. Isn’t it possible to make our study enjoyable and even more effective? Yes, it is truly possible now by using an array of best educational apps available. We used to listen from our parents that we are just wasting our time in using smart phones, tablets and other devices.

Best & Popular Educational Apps (Android & IPhone) in India

Well, it could be partially right. Possible 8 out of 10 people use smartphones and tablet PCs in their everyday life to accomplish various purposes. But, do you know by using a very simple trick you can turn your typical cell phone or a tablet PC into an influential educational tool. Yes, it can be accomplished through various free Android and iOS educational Apps. Let’s have a look on best and free Android and iOS educational apps in India:

Best & Popular Educational Apps (Android & IPhone) in India

Math Tricks

Another amazing app for science scholars which is made for learning numerous mathematics tricks. Studying mathematics is truly partial without having expertise on its tricks. Well, now scholars don’t need to worry as they can use this android app to accomplish an expertise in this domain.

Algebra Tutor

Scholars can easily learn crucial tips and tricks of Algebra by using this powerful android app. By using this app you can revise your depth in algebra.

English-Hindi Dictionary

We often feel requirement of a dictionary and these days it’s not possible to carry a heavy traditional dictionary with us at all time. Here comes the need of this app “English-Hindi Dictionary”. It is an android app which runs on smartphones and tablet PCs having Android as an operating system.

Aptitude Test

If you would like to become proficient in aptitude then this app will be truly useful for you. The app is designed for both iPhone as well as iPad users.

Formulas Lite

Formulas Lite is a free android app runs on every smartphones and tablet PCS having Android operating system. An array of important formula associated to Physics, Maths and Chemistry are loaded into this app which will be truly beneficial for scholars.

Wikipedia App

Whenever, it comes to find out information about anything all over the globe, it’s hardly impossible to underestimate the important of Wikipedia. Now, Wikipedia is even more handy in use as it is available in the form of an app which can be easily downloaded from Android and iOS apps store.

Physics Formula Calc

It’s a free android app which can be easily downloaded from Google Play store. This app is assumed as ideal for doing Physics homework speedily and efficiently.

Languages App:

It’s a well-known translation dictionary app available for iOS users. The most exciting thing about the app is its availability in online as well as offline mode.

Html 5 & PHP Tutorial

If you’d like to establish your career in programming domain then you must have this app. It is an android app which is dedicated to Html 5 and PHP. By using this app scholars can improve their programming efficiency.

Indian GK

Indian GK is renowned android app useful for all those scholars who would like to establish their domain in the field of banking, ssc, teaching, UPSC etc.

Speak English

In today’s world, English holds its immense significance in everyone’s life. If you’d like to enhance your communication skill then this app is must to install. You can get it from play store.

Pocket Aptitude

Pocket Aptitude is a free iOS app which is designed for iPad as well as iPhone users and helpful in dealing with Quantitative Reasoning and Word Problems.

Indian History, Book & Quiz

In order to improve your general awareness, you should use this app. This android app will provide you the best possible information associated with Indian History.

Pocket Logical Reasoning

This app will be truly beneficial for banking exams, interview, placement papers and other competitive examinations. It is free to use and can be downloaded from the Play store.



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